CPL Commander

Freeware utility to hide unnecessary Control Panel items.

Size4 MB
OSWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8
LanguagesDanish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Read the instructions if you have any problems with downloading or running the application.

General Info

If you don't use some Windows feature, you can hide its Control Panel shortcut using CPL Commander. Selected items are displayed in the Control Panel. To hide an item clear its checkbox.

Hiding an item


Some Windows features are not able to run while their icons are removed from the Control Panel. Therefore you should disable only the items, which you never use.

Disabled CPL item may not be opened


1. Some items are hidden by default, if your system does not support the related functions.

2. CPL Commander allows you to hide CPLs in the "All Items" ("Classic View") view mode only. It won't help you to hide anything in the "Category" view mode.

View modes

Restore Default Settings

To restore the default configuration, click on the "Reset" button, and then confirm your decision. More info.

Restore defaults

Missing Items

Some items may exist in your system, but the program is unable to detect them for some reasons. They are always displayed unless the "Hide any items, which are not listed above" option is activated.

Hide any other CPLs

Extra Items

Set of the available items might differ on a different computers. It depends on the installed hardware, software, Windows edition or language pack. CPL Commander strives to show as many Windows CPLs as it can find.

Inactive Items

CPL Commander has detected these elements, but is unable to manage their visibility. Such items are inactive and always displayed.

Inactive item

Third-party CPL Files

Some third-party programs such as antiviruses and drivers may add their own icons to the Control Panel. CPL Commander is not able to detect and manage any third-party items, unless these elements are intergrated into Windows (such as Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8).