Windows XP Services

Hpt3xx - Windows XP Service

This service exists in Windows XP only.

Startup Type

Since Hpt3xx is a kernel driver, its startup might be configured depending on installed hardware. Changing its startup configuration might cause unexpected hardware issues. In the table below you can see how it is configured on my system, but your default settings might differ from mine.

Windows XP edition without SP SP1 SP2 SP3
Home Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
Professional Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled

Default Properties

Display name:Hpt3xx
Service name:hpt3xx
Error control:normal
Group:SCSI miniport

Default Behavior

The Hpt3xx service is a kernel driver. If the Hpt3xx fails to load or initialize, the error is recorded into the Event Log. Windows XP startup should proceed, but a message box is displayed informing you that the hpt3xx service has failed to start.


If the Hpt3xx is stopped, the following services will not start and initialize:

Restore Default Startup Type of Hpt3xx

Automated Restore

1. Select your Windows XP edition and Service Pack, and then click on the Download button below.

2. Save the RestoreHpt3xxWindowsXP.bat file to any folder on your hard drive.

3. Run the downloaded batch file.

4. Restart the computer to save changes.

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