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Download and Run

CPL Commander is a portable program, that is distributed in a self-extracting 7-Zip archive. It doesn't require an installation.

1. Click on the Download button below.

2. Click on Save when your browser asks whether you want to save the file.

Save file

3. Double-click the downloaded executable file.


4. Choose a directory to unpack the program files. For example, if you specify "C:\", then the files will be extracted to "C:\cplcommander".

Extract to...

5. Click on Extract and wait while all the files will be unpacked.


6. Open the directory with the extracted files and double-click the cplcommander.exe file to run the program.

CPL Commander executable

Windows Vista, 7 and 8 may prompt you for an administrator password or confirmation, if the User Account Control is enabled. CPL Commander requires the elevated privileges to run, because this software program changes the Windows settings.